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Virtual Staging

Add digital furniture and decor to your property photos to enhance the appeal of your listing.

$29.00 / picture

Furniture Removal & Replacement

Improve the appearance of your listing photos by replacing the existing furniture with attractive digital furniture. You no longer need to physically remove the furniture from the property. Simply take photos of the space as it is and add the furniture removal option to your order.

$41.00 / picture

Commercial Virtual Staging

3D Stagers offers virtual staging services for commercial properties such as offices, restaurants, and clinics. To stage a commercial space, simply place a regular virtual staging order and select the “Commercial Space” addon.

$54.00 / picture

Virtual Renovation

Digitally alter a property to show what it would look like after renovations. This can include updating kitchens, the addition of rooms or features, or changes to the finishes and materials used, anything is possible with our virtual renovation product. Virtual renovation is the ultimate way to showcase the full potential of your property and attract more buyers and investors.

Virtual Landscaping

Enhance the outdoor appeal of your property! From adding new plants and flowers to designing custom outdoor features, anything is possible with our virtual landscaping service.

Architectural Rendering

Transform your architectural plans into stunning, photorealistic 3D visualizations that showcase your project in a highly realistic and detailed way. This service can be especially useful for projects that are still in construction or in the planning stages, as it allows you to generate interest and excitement about the project before construction is complete and can serve as a powerful marketing tool for your project.

3D Floorplans

Experience your floor plan layout in a realistic, immersive way by creating a 3D visualization that includes stunning details like furniture, textures, and colors – it’s like looking at a miniature dollhouse of your space.

360/Matterport Virtual Staging

Our virtual staging product is now available for 360 images and Matterport tours!

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